Children’s Program

We have activities for all ages on Wednesday nights!  Children break off into two groups, Kindergarten-4th Grade, and Middle School (5th-8th Grade) at 6:00p.m.  Below are descriptions of what’s being covered this semester.

Kindergarten-4th Grade

Kids Can Get It Right helps kids understand how to live in right relationships with each other and with God. Using stories from the Old Testament, kids will explore how values build character and be inspired by the faithfulness of God’s people who put on the heart and mind of God in their daily living. Kids will discover how to model God’s way of right living in everyday, common life experiences.

Middle School

Kids on Wednesday nights get a good mix between learning about God, and having fun.  They will cover topics such as Becoming a Christian, Finding your Identity, God’s Purpose for Me, and Understanding the Bible, all from a pre-teen Bible Study offered from Faith 4 Life.  On top of that, the evening will be filled with games focusing on having fun and forming healthy friendships with each other!