Ministry Staff

Kristine Regehr Lead Transitional/Interim Pastor   316-283-6370


Kristine Regehr is an ordained transition and interim pastor with Western District conference. She has worked with three churches since 2018,

  • primarily on the internal issues of interpersonal communication and structure, and
  • identity questions such as those on the Congregational Information Form,
  • in addition to preaching and pastoral care

She has a long-held conviction that to claim authentic peace theology, Mennonite churches need peaceful internal practices of behavior. This does not mean being quiet in the face of conflict. It means taking personal responsibility for our responses to the situations that arise, extending empathy to self and other, and requesting (not demanding) what we need. It means gently acknowledging that not everything we have always done is still working. It means we practice courageous vulnerability, grace-filled acceptance, and spiritual discernment. Kristine views this work as leading by being a calm, loving teacher and companion of congregations preparing for a new pastor.


  • Div in pastoral ministry from AMBS, 2017: Supervised ministry experience at Sunnyside Mennonite Church with transition pastor Randy Miller; independent study on Family Emotional Systems.
  • Transition pastor training with Gary Martin at Camp Amigo, Michigan, April 2017
  • Studied at Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (Richard Blackburn)
    • Mediation Skills Training, August 2016
    • Clergy Clinic: Family Emotional Systems, 2016-17

Verda Deckert Congregational Nurse

Verda WebsiteVerda Deckert joined our ministry staff in 2009. She is a long-time Registered Nurse, graduating from Bethel Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing, Bethel College, and Wichita State University. After holding several different positions at Bethel Deaconess Hospital/Newton Medical Center, Verda taught in the Department of Nursing at Bethel College until retirement. She continues to work as needed in the preoperative/outpatient unit at Newton Medical Center.

Verda enjoys helping people discover how to work with their health problems, advocating for them during the stresses of illness and accident, and navigating the complicated health system.